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Outsourced Survey Services

Proactive organizations solicit employee feedback as part of their CRM and Enterprise Feedback Management (EFM) direction. "iQandA'soutsourced survey services provide our clients with vital feedback to help them forge competitive employee retention strategies.


Corporate culture is an important key to any business' success and internal and external communication is the key to understanding that culture or workplace environment.

iQANDA© provides companies with insight into an organization’s employee opinions, by providing valuable feedback. Employee surveys cover a broad spectrum from what role work plays in the employees’ lives, what their on-the-job needs and preferences are and what motivates them in the workplace. 

Organizations that understand these opinions have a vital perspective on their employees and can act on and utilize techniques to promote either a fully engaged corporate culture, or challenges them to provide their customer's needs with an opportunity for growth and improvement.


iQANDA© provides our clients with an affordable outsourced survey solution to conduct their surveys.

What We Do

 Surveys, Simplified    Information, Clarified

All iQANDA surveys are customized to your requirements. We provide the design, question development, survey deployment, management and custom reports generation. 

Why Outsource Your Surveys or Feedback?

  • Employees tend to speak more openly to a third party
  • Provide an impartial perspective
  • Web-based process results in higher levels of respondents
  • We ensure anonymity and confidentiality of the respondents on Employee surveys & feedback
  • We offer Low Cost & very Competitive Pricing
  • Save Money & Save HR valuable time developing, implementing & compiling reports


What Types of Surveys can we Outsource?

  • All Types - Employee Exit, Employee Engagement, HR Surveys, Employee Pulse
  • One Time surveys or on-going surveys for continuous feedback



What types of Questions and Answers?

  • Multiple Choice, Open Text, Essay (long text) Radio,Checkboxes, Ranking, Continuous Sum, Likert scales, Embeded Images, Themes and more
  • Complex Branching, Split-logic, Matrix
  • File Uploads

What are the Reports like?

  • All PDF Reports are customized for each survey. Each will contain a survey narrative, color bar charts and graphical views, all open text comments, and any statistical analysis.
  • A Primary Overview Report is standard; other reports based on data segmentation are available at additional cost.

Some of Our Survey Clients

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Survey Types

Employee Engagement

Employee Exit

HR Excellence

Employee Benefits

Employee Satisfaction

Team/Workgroup Satisfaction

Post Training Feedback

Employee Climate or Opinion

Employee Compensation

Inter-Departmental Feedback

360 Feedback Surveys

Quiz Surveys

New Hire On-Boarding Survey