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iQANDA Survey FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions about Survey Deployment

How do I deploy an iQANDA Survey?


  • Our service provides you with a dedicated Consultant to work with you. You can use your survey, adapt one of our surveys for your needs; or Customize a New Survey, all for the same set up fee. The consultant will provide suggestions and feedback regarding "Best Practices" for your type of survey.
  • Set up service provides you with a draft  of your live survey for your team to view, make edits and revisions. Upon final approvals, you are ready to launch your survey.
  • We provide you with the html survey link to either put into your corporate website,  internal corporate email,  post in a newsletter, to access via a sub-page or login for your organization on,  internet connected kiosks, or  by email invitation for you through iQANDA.


How do I view my Results?


Depending on the type of survey, or feedback,  your reports are available in various methods. All reports are created uniquely for each client's survey and are presented to you in easy to read, full-color graphs and will include respondent comments. Reports are normally presented as one report or "aggregate" but often they will need to be broken down into various data segments, depending on client's needs and type of survey.

What if we need to conduct the survey in other languages?

has the capability to conduct your survey in other languages or for multi-lingual surveys and if required we can provide translation services for the survey. Please inquire about this feature if needed and for pricing.



What types of question formats can we use on our survey?


ALL Types of Formats

Open Text
Multiple Choice
Rank Order Questions
Likert Scales
Continuous Sum
Text box
Radio Buttons
Image Choice Answers
Respondents can upload files


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